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About us

We are a husband (Aaron) and wife (Roxy) duo who sell amazing hair, bath and body products from Southeast Texas.  We are the proud parents to one crazy little 8-year-old boy.  We love to go out on the boat, play soccer, watch Netflix and play uno on the regular around here.  That is, when we aren’t busy running our two boutique and bakery combo stores.

So why Dirty Bee?

Well, Roxy was in the market for an all-natural shampoo bar and had purchased about 12 different bars in total from different various companies, but left feeling unsatisfied until she got her hands on what is now known as the Dirty Bee Shampoo Bar! She sweet talked the manufacturer into producing them in bulk for her, and of course after one scent came another and then another!

And as fate would have it, Aaron also found himself stealing Roxy’s shampoo and conditioner bars and well history wrote itself. If men loved it just as much as women, then we could manage that, and eliminate about 24 plastic bottles from our shower.

We wanted to find a way to work together in our careers and hoped by offering our products wholesale that this could be the perfect opportunity to bring Aaron on board as an actual paid employee, since he is always helping and keeping things in working order and keeping us all sane anyway.  

After just a few short weeks of selling these like crazy in our own stores and online, we realized that these products that have so many benefits for customers, and the environment, was a hit and we expanded our lineup and scent selection quickly.

People often ask why the name Dirty Bee? My wife has a profound love for all things Bees and donates a portion of her profits from her retail stores, Sweet Bee, to local bee farmers to help spread awareness, purchase new equipment, and support local farmers. We couldn’t help but carry that mission over when we created Dirty Bee and hope to start our very own Bee haven in the near future.

(Local Bee Farmers Latest Hive Photo)

Most companies pride themselves for customer service and we are no different. We are going to respond even if its outside of business hours, we are going to listen when have concerns or ideas, and we are always trying to come up with new fun and creative things that no one else is doing yet.

Roxy will talk your ears off and Aaron may be doing all the work behind the scenes, but we each say the opposite is true! At the end of the day we’re going to ensure that you are happy, your hair is happy, and that you will want to tell people about what you discovered!