"Blue Balls" Bath Bombs

"Blue Balls" Bath Bombs

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Dirty Bee | Blue Balls Bath Bomb

"Escape to a world of relaxation with these adorable blue mini bath bombs! Packaged in a set of two, these fizzy balls are the perfect size for a single use. Simply drop one into your bath and watch as it dissolves into a soothing swirl of color and fragrance. Made with nourishing ingredients, these bath bombs will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. So why wait? Take a break and unwind with these fun and quirky bath treats!"Relax with a set of "Blue Balls"

  • Each pack comes with 2 "Blue Balls"
  • Fizz up in the tub with no stains 
  • Packed with fragrance and essential oils
  • Take some time for yourself , you deserve it
  • Perfect for Parties, or any special occasion

Made in USA


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